Kutipan Terbaik-Terbaik Indonesia

I am a strong challenger of my self in order to digg my potency, I believe there are many gifts that God has given to me, I interpret me as good than ordinary, better than good, the best than better and this is me outstanding!. Whatever you do, if you are the best, you are inspiring people surrounds you. I must stay drunk on blogging so reality can't burried me alive, that's why I started it. besides, I also keep try to leave out the parts that people skip maybe because of the passionate and how to develop an idea-become plenty of idea. Starts familiarize yourself with things that are difficult for people but not for you. Look, how often every difficult things are habitual with you, it opens your mind 'what easy it is if I make effort and keep optimistic on my track'.The difficult writing such there's a blog you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it firstly. Trying to be an outstanding author of ikrar weblog is terbaik indonesia and so do my others blog are not only about what I say, but also what I whispers. anyway did you know? Easy reading is damn hard writing (haha) and the goal of writing is to have one's words read successfully. Either blogging or writing is talking about your five senses actually, it's talking about write what you see, what you feel, and what you love, yes loving to do this. Not every people can do it, it's related to our passion and willingness. Start thinking what the easiest way to do your blogging, perhaps it could be a beginning of mine and yours. Blogging is sharing which shares your knowledge and experience for another, for me blogging and writing is keep going, both are really interesting". Kutipan terbaik-terbaik (Muhamad Ikrar Alcaecar)

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